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Allurl Design is based in Michigan, however, our clients span all the way out to California. About 90% of our work is done over the phone and via emails.


Work time is logged in and out with an Excel workbook which allows us to keep track very accurately and also helps to determine future quotes. In addition, time is not rounded up to the next 15 minute increment. For example, if you have 13 minutes of work done, you will only be charged for those 13 minutes.

Cutoff Point

If working on an hourly basis, when we start work on a site, we will ask for you to give a stop point. This enable you to have control of the project and budget by saying, for example, "Put in 10 hours and let me review." When this amount of time nears, we will let you know and you can decide what the next step will be.

Firm quotes have no time limits, but any additional work not in the quote will have to be quoted separately.


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