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Web Design Checklist



New design

Send some links to sites that you like and don't like the look for and tell us what you like/don't like about them.

Existing Logo

Send your logo (larger version if possible so it can be resized it and make it clear).

Sample Designs

Then we'll do some sample designs and send them to you so you can say which parts you like and don't like and give any suggestions.


Sample design approval

Once the sample design is approved, it is sliced up and made into html templates to use and put your current text (or new) in there.

New Website Content

It would be helpful to have an outline from you before this, so we know how many pages there will be. This applies to just the regular site - not an online store (if applicable).

Website outline example


Page Images

Then the next step would just be for you to send the images you have for products or anything you want on the page (make sure they aren't copywritten before you send them!), resize them to all the same size (if you have an online store) or resize them to load quickly in a web page.

In-Progress Publishing

In progress websites are typically published to a hidden directory during all this so that clients can approve the site before visitors can see it.


Online Store (optional)

There are a lot of different e-commerce programs. osCommerce is free and we will install it for you (if that's what you will use). You will be able to go through most of the pages to see which features you want removed (such as Reviews, Notifications, etc.) or added. You will not be able to get into the Account or Checkout pages until you have a site certificate (or unless we disable it temporarily), but most other areas will be accessible for you to test.

We will need to ask you questions regarding your shipping, payment gateway (if you have one), and other questions so that osCommerce can be customized with your company's settings.

Once we're close to being done, you should get a site certificate if necessary (you can usually purchase it from your hosting company and they will install it for you).



Throughout the process, you will receive invoices via e-mail and once final payment is received, your site can be published live.


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