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Some websites we've worked on:

Since many of our customers change their sites themselves and some sites are no longer online, screenshots can be viewed by clicking "View Screenshot" or by clicking the numbers next to the word "Screenshots". Click Close (or click the image) to close a large view.

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Website Work & Contributions

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  • Themed Travel Website

Bishop International Airport

Flint, Michigan Airport

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Debbie's Moonwalk Rentals

Moonwalk rentals

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White Water Bears

White Water Rafting Trip

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Davison Chamber of Commerce

Davison, Michigan Chamber of Commerce
Content Management Website

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Russell Collection Agency, Inc.

Michigan Collections Agency


Blue Star Sportswear

Athletic Apparel & Equipment
Website Contains FlashE-Commerce Website

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Travel Agent Website


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Web Design Portfolio ArchivesMore...


    • personal site: FrontPage originally, then switched to Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver, SwishMax, flash, Fireworks...
    • also Corel PhotoPaint and CorelDraw for graphics.
    • Beaded Jewelry
    • osCommerce site
    • altered original design graphics to be faster to load (and better for search engines)
    • organized and renamed pages
    • improved site for search engines
    • made easier to use for customers (detailed descriptions for orders), etc.
    • they took the photos and added most of the products to the store
    • logo was already designed
  • Italia Gardens
    • The menus were designed elsewhere; we converted them into html format.
    • Pastel portrait artist.
    • Resized tons of images and made graphics, put them into the Gallery program, made an online order form, etc.
    • This is a migraine book site.
    • Made with the Web Builder (so it can be edited by the client).
    • Used JavaScript to calculate shipping and tax and to send variables to php code.
    • Edited sample php code provided by to include all the variables from JavaScript.
    • Book cover design created by the author.
    • Made the logo, initial pages (shell for them to work with), and the buttons (with mouseover images).
    • Altered an existing font (creating a new one for him in CorelDraw) - he wanted the line through the lettering, but it was hard to read in a different font.
    • Detroit fencing company.
    • Design
    • Created the opening flash (SwishMax).
    • Resized all his photos, cleaned up graphics.
    • Choir group.
    • Made with the Web Builder (so it can be edited by the client).
    • An outside agency did the logos,we did many of the other graphics (background altered from original theme image to include the treble clef).
    • Included a login section for Members Only.
    • Pitbull breeders.
    • Made with the Web Builder (so it can be edited by the client). They made the original version and have edited it since.
    • Did some graphics for them and some editing.
    • Site for a lawyer.
    • Made with the Web Builder (so it can be edited by the client).
    • Did a couple graphics for it.
    • Researched and wrote some pages.
    • Financial company.
    • Made with the Web Builder (so it can be edited by the client).
    • Original graphics done by outside agency.
    • Research company.
    • Front Page site.
    • Did most of the graphics (they wanted a stormy look)


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