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Reloading Web Pages

When you visit a web page, pictures, etc. are stored on your computer - this makes it faster to load if you revisit a page.  Sometimes the pages are stubborn and don't want to reload correctly.  To change your settings so that you see the most current version of the pages you're viewing, follow these instructions.

If you still see elements from a previous web page publish, try this (screenshots are from Internet Explorer 7):

View Internet Explorer 6 screenshots

Click Tools > Internet Options...
  • Click Settings (see screenshot below)
  • On the next screen, select "Every time I visit the web page".
  • Click OK.
  • Next, click Delete (see screenshot below)

Click 'Delete' to delete your temporary internet files, Click settings to change your settings


  • Click "Delete files..." in the Temporary Internet Files section (see screenshot below). You may have to wait a few minutes if you have a lot of pages to delete.
  • Click Close when it's finished deleting.

Delete your temporary internet files

Hit Refresh on your browser, too.

Refresh button


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